Chicagood is an online magazine launched by The Chi-Town Project. It is a magazine for social conscious Chicagoans that focuses on social awareness issues and those who step up to make Chicago a better place for tomorrow. We also like to have fun and celebrate what it means to be Chicagoan and what is good in our city. Be Chicagood.

    We love saying that we live in the greatest city in the world. The beautiful skylines, innovative monuments and strong-willed spirits that dwell within the city gives us more reason to boast about Chicago’s greatness. However, as we progress into a rapidly changing future, many of our great city’s downfalls become glaringly obvious as we strive to become a world class city. Poverty, corruption, education and gang violence are only few of the many social awareness issues that have surfaced within Chicago’s inner walls.   That’s where The Chi-Town Project steps in. We serve as a platform of fresh ideas, as a series of projects with the ability to ignite passion, discussion and action among Chicagoans for the greater good. Together we can strive for one ultimate goal: guiding Chicago to a better tomorrow. As a curation of social goodness, we celebrate not only the city’s identity but also the achievements that define what makes Chicagood.   Join us as we inspIre. dreAM. aCHIeve.


Truck Farm Chicago Helps Kids Understand What They’re Eating

On Good Magazine’s Good Maker, rounding out the Top 3 in March’s challenge is a Chicago start up called Truck Farm. During the Month of March, Good readers nominated local woman who makes a world of difference. Truck Farmer, Shari Brown got the nod and deserving so.

The idea is simple. Shari took a biodiesel pickup truck and planted a mini farm in its bed and then toured Chicago connecting over 2700 kids to good food in 2011. This “Garden on Wheels” is a traveling education tool. Shari’s passion for sharing good food and educating people is very contagious. Through the Truck Farm project she was able to teach and empower young Chicagoans to be active, grow food locally, cook and eat healthy. They like to say that what they do  shows that good food can be grown anywhere there’s sun, space, and creativity. And we agree. This project is so simple and creative but will be so valuable and effective to our communities!

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Spring Cleaning? Donate your Unwanted Items to Charity Where it Can Go a Long Ways

The warm weather is here in Chicago meaning the annual spring cleaning rituals are kicking into full gear. This year why not do some spring cleaning with purpose? There are several ways you can ensure the items you don’t need find homes and be put to good use.

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Walgreens to Expand Hiring Disabled

Walgreens, the nation’s largest drug store chain headquarted in Deerfield, IL is piloting a program to hire cognitively and physically disabled employees in its retail stores across the country.

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Bucketfeet- A Step Towards a Better Tomorrow

“Buy a Shoe, Build a Community.”

If you haven’t heard about the latest and hottest social conscious footwear that’s headquartered right here in Chicago, listen up cause these guys are getting our stamp of approval of being Chicagood!

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Congrats to Moneythink- White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge

The votes are in for the White House’s Campus Champions of Change Challenge, a competition for college students addressing social awareness issues, like homelessness, hunger, sustainability concerns, and more.

Voters had until March 3 to choose from 15 final candidates. The top five vote recipients, who will attend a White House event and host an episode of mtvU’s signature program Dean’s List. One of the 5 winners a University of Chicago project, Moneythink.

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Chicago Cash Mob Helping Boost Local Businesses

You’ve probably heard of Cash Mob happening in cities around the world by now. We’re pleased to report that a Cash Mob movement has been running locally helping struggling Chicago businesses stay afloat.

If you haven’t heard of Cash Mob, it’s a lot like Flash Mob, but instead of random people coming together at a certain time and place to break into a dance, they break open their piggy banks and wallets and spend at least $20 at a family owned struggling small business. Call it a reverse Groupon if you will.

It is quite a sight to see when the store is having a typical slow day, and suddenly people start pouring through the doors, waiting in line and buying up useful items. That’s what happened at Andersonville Galleria last month.

March 24th is National Cash Mob day, so expect a big event. Tune in and see where the Cash Mob Chicago will hit on that day.

Follow the movement and help local shops along the way.

Cash Mob Chicago


Cash Mob you are Chicagood!

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Local Bike Shop helping Southside Youth

Blackstone Bicycle Works  may appear to be a humble community bike shop, but it’s actually a lot more than that. In addition to offering repairs and sales of refurbished bikes it is also the only bike shop in Chicago that offers over 150 local youths the opportunity to work in a retail setting. They learn how to build a bicycle and how to conduct themselves in a work environment. Once they log 25 hours, they’ll be able to earn a bike of their own! The incredible video by Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Brew-lanthropy bring together a wonderful story of what Blackstone does and the impact it has on the youth of Chicago south side. Blackstone became the first reciepient of the Seattle’s best Coffee Brew-lanthropy award which included a break room makeover, a years worth of coffee and hot chocolate. Congrats Blackstone. Well earned reward!

You can definitely tell how happy the kids are, the passion they have and the effects of having something valuable like Blackstone in their community. For that, Blackstone Bicycle Works is Chicagood.

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1871 Tech Startup Center is Going to Be Huge for Chicago Start Up Scene

I had the opportunity to hit up Technori Pitch, a monthly showcase of Chicago’s most innovative companies, pitching their latest technologies, at the end of January. It began with a bang with a keynote from Kevin Willer of not-for-profit Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center. Earlier for months, an announcement was made that a giant 50,000 sq ft tech center was in the works for Chicago. That news sent shock-waves around the Midwest tech start-up community. With financial backings by  J.B. Pritzker, an individual worth over $1 billion, providing it with a firm financial footing and three other founders: Matt Moog (Built in Chicago), Troy Henikoff  (Excelerate Labs), and Kevin Willer (Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center), this a real deal.

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Follow The Art Institute On Pinterest

Everyone is jumping on Pinterest. It is quickly becoming one of the bigger social networking sites almost overnight. Its unique and intuitive interface allows for neat interactions and uses. Many shops and bloggers are taking to Pinterest. One of the more noteable forces to join on Pinterest is the Art Institute of Chicago. You can see some of the curated galleries from the AIChicago.

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