Truck Farm Chicago Helps Kids Understand What They’re Eating

Posted on May 4, 2012 by Be Chicagood

On Good Magazine’s Good Maker, rounding out the Top 3 in March’s challenge is a Chicago start up called Truck Farm. During the Month of March, Good readers nominated local woman who makes a world of difference. Truck Farmer, Shari Brown got the nod and deserving so.

The idea is simple. Shari took a biodiesel pickup truck and planted a mini farm in its bed and then toured Chicago connecting over 2700 kids to good food in 2011. This “Garden on Wheels” is a traveling education tool. Shari’s passion for sharing good food and educating people is very contagious. Through the Truck Farm project she was able to teach and empower young Chicagoans to be active, grow food locally, cook and eat healthy. They like to say that what they do  shows that good food can be grown anywhere there’s sun, space, and creativity. And we agree. This project is so simple and creative but will be so valuable and effective to our communities!


Truck Farm Chicago needs some help kicking off their 2012 tour. They’ve launched a Kickstarter Project to get some green to grow green. Give them a shout and help them out. Their goals this year is to reach 3,000 kids and develop more comprehensive programming. They’ve got some sweet Pledge rewards on their Kickstarter page. Help a great and local idea grow!


Truck Farm
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