We Want! Simple and Clever L-Shirts

Posted on February 10, 2012 by JJLee

You may see it everyday and not think much about it, but the CTA signage are classic and are some examples of beautiful typography. The CTA “L” signages are a modification of the original 1969 design, known as the “Kennedy-Dan Ryan” signage. It is set in the beloved Helvetica typeface and color-coded to match the eight corresponding “L”‘ lines.

Someone had the brilliant idea to take that signage and create t-shirts with the t-shirt colors corresponding with the L line colors and L stops. They are starting off small but hope to expand to other stops as well. They even have a shout out to the red line Sox 35th stop and the red line Addison, home of Wrigley Field, but only for a limited time.

Teaming up with Knoed Creative , Chicago L Shirt has launched a beautiful website and a fresh line of transit tees that are a must have, celebrating Chicago’s historic L.

Get a shirt today, cuz they’re Chicagood.

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