Chicagood is an online magazine launched by The Chi-Town Project. It is a magazine for social conscious Chicagoans that focuses on social awareness issues and those who step up to make Chicago a better place for tomorrow. We also like to have fun and celebrate what it means to be Chicagoan and what is good in our city. Be Chicagood.

    We love saying that we live in the greatest city in the world. The beautiful skylines, innovative monuments and strong-willed spirits that dwell within the city gives us more reason to boast about Chicago’s greatness. However, as we progress into a rapidly changing future, many of our great city’s downfalls become glaringly obvious as we strive to become a world class city. Poverty, corruption, education and gang violence are only few of the many social awareness issues that have surfaced within Chicago’s inner walls.   That’s where The Chi-Town Project steps in. We serve as a platform of fresh ideas, as a series of projects with the ability to ignite passion, discussion and action among Chicagoans for the greater good. Together we can strive for one ultimate goal: guiding Chicago to a better tomorrow. As a curation of social goodness, we celebrate not only the city’s identity but also the achievements that define what makes Chicagood.   Join us as we inspIre. dreAM. aCHIeve.

Fresh Moves bus

Fresh Moves gives a fresh look on ending food deserts

Take a CTA bus, add a grocery store with the initiative to end food deserts in Chicago and there you have Fresh Moves.  Fresh Moves is an organization in the city of Chicago that aims to end food deserts through a mobile produce market. The organization took an old CTA bus and revamped into a mobile produce market that travels to different neighborhoods delivering fresh fruits and vegetables.

After three community activists Steve Casey, Sheelah Muhammad and Jeff Pinzino came together it was decided that the Fresh Moves non-for-profit would address the issue of neighborhoods in Chicago not having direct access to healthy fresh foods.

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Chicago’s new Super Bike Highway

It’s no secret Chicago believes biking will help boost it’s profile as a world class city. With that being said, Chicago’s Mayor- Rahm Emanuel announced another ambitious project to help boost it’s already 115 miles of bike lanes.

In four years, he wants to create 100 miles of protected bike paths — not just painted lines on the street but paths separated from car traffic by posts or other dividers. By next summer, he wants the city’s first large-scale bike-sharing program, starting with 3,000 bikes.

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Little Free Library at 1245 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago

Little Free Libraries Popping up Everywhere

A grassroots movement based on an honor system of “Take a book, leave a book” is spreading all over the United States and even across oceans. These mini-libraries — most hold 20 to 30 books — offer bookworms a way to share their love of books and bring communities together.

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Vertical Play Farm

A “vertical play farm” concept from Chicago’s Architecture for Humanity is among the finalists for a playground design challenge on GOODmaker. Chicago’s Architecture for Humanity had set out to re-imagine a public space with a $1000 budget on the Good’s GOODmaker challenge  to improve neighborhood playgrounds. Check out the blurb below to find out more about their awesome idea!

It blends typical playground equipment with vertical gardening. By combining these two elements, a new type of interaction is created between children and gardening, making gardening fun and learning hands on. We also envision the Vertical Play Farm will create excitement and interest within the local community. Kids, parents and grandparents will visit the Vertical Play Farm together, to not only play but also check on the fruits, vegetables and flowers they planted.

Get on this link and vote! We would love to see this happen right here in Chicago!


Chicago Public Schools sees highest-ever graduation rate this year!

We have some good news! Chicago Public Schools is seeing the highest ever graduation rate this year!

CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard says this year’s graduation rate is projected at 60.6 percent. CPS cites increased graduation rates over the past five years. Brizard calls it “impressive,” but says more work needs to be done to make sure every CPS student graduates and is ready for college or a career.

Brizard singled out schools for individual graduation rate growth. One school was Phoenix Military Academy, where the graduation rate went from 42 percent in 2007 and 2008 to nearly 75 percent in 2010 and 2011.

There are about 405,000 CPS students who attend more than 675 schools. It’s the third-largest school system in the U.S.


Congrats Class of 2012!

Screen Shot 2012-05-18 at 11.08.49 PM

Welcome to Chicago- NATO & The World

Here’s a video that made us feel proud to call Chicago our home. Let’s put aside our difference and take the time to reflect and celebrate the achievements and the people of this great city!

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Chicago vs Chicago: Round 2

Chicago vs Chicago Round 2. If you haven’t seen Round one- Check it out here!

The Office’s Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson) challenges Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) (both who are Chicagoans by the way) to see how far he’s willing to go for that World Series. Hilarious! How far are you willing to go for a World Series?

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Chicago: The 10th Best Biking City In America, According to Bike Score

Walk Score is a pretty well respected site that measures how walk-able a city. It’s simply a software algorithm that judges how walkable an address, neighborhood, or city is based on various data.

Walk Score recently launched a new service called Bike Score which examines how friendly biking is in the cities across America. Chicago managed to crack the top ten with the same score as NYC. Continue Reading →

stop the shooting

Chicago Mothers Rally against Violence

This weekend was Mother’s day, but for many mothers in Chicago, this was their first Mother’s Day without their children.

This weekend, more than 50 woman who have lost their children rallied against Chicago’s high crime rate in honor of Mother’s Day.

The rally was punctuated with 5 deaths and over 20 others wounded over the weekend.

The women assembled Sunday say reports like these need to stop. The Mother’s Day march is an annual tradition led Rev. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Parish, both to protest the ongoing violence that threatens youth in the city and to provide support for mothers who have recently lost children.

“Some mothers, this is their first Mother’s Day without their child and they don’t know what to do,” Pfleger told the Chicago Sun-Times. “So I let them know that we think about them, care about them, and I don’t want the pain of this day to override them being a mother.”

Despite an initiative by the Chicago Police Department to up police resources in some of the city’s most dangerous areas, homicides in the cityincreased by 60 percent during the first three months of the year.



VIA: Huffington Post

Chicago Tilt shift

Chicago’s Very (tiny) Own: Chicago in Miniature

Are you familiar with tiltshift photography? It’s a pretty cool technique that allows the photographer to capture anything and making them appear miniature! WGN has a pretty sweet collection for your enjoyment of Chicago! We love it!

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ford_explorer lego

A Ford made of Legos rolls out of Chicago

A very special Ford Explorer rolled out of the Chicago assembly line. It’s a Ford made of 380,000 Lego bricks! Its destination is the Legoland in Florida. That’s awesome!

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Chicagood Website Launches

We are proud to announce that we’ve launched a Chicagood website. It gives a lot more information about who we are and what we do. We plan to add to our “portfolio” of doing Good in Chicago. We have lots of great things lined up for the summer and beyond! We’re excited and we hope you are too.

Let us know what you think!


Truck Farm Chicago Helps Kids Understand What They’re Eating

On Good Magazine’s Good Maker, rounding out the Top 3 in March’s challenge is a Chicago start up called Truck Farm. During the Month of March, Good readers nominated local woman who makes a world of difference. Truck Farmer, Shari Brown got the nod and deserving so.

The idea is simple. Shari took a biodiesel pickup truck and planted a mini farm in its bed and then toured Chicago connecting over 2700 kids to good food in 2011. This “Garden on Wheels” is a traveling education tool. Shari’s passion for sharing good food and educating people is very contagious. Through the Truck Farm project she was able to teach and empower young Chicagoans to be active, grow food locally, cook and eat healthy. They like to say that what they do  shows that good food can be grown anywhere there’s sun, space, and creativity. And we agree. This project is so simple and creative but will be so valuable and effective to our communities!

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Screen Shot 2012-05-04 at 12.09.47 AM

Luol Deng Animation

This has been around since Christmas of ’11, but DENG is this awesome. A beautiful animation of Luol Deng throwing down some authority. Continue Reading →


Dabble in Something New

Bored? Want to learn about doing your own craftbeer? Want to learn how to code html? What about cooking or painting? Yea we know, it’s something we’d all love to learn someday but signing up for classes is a big commitment, time and can get pretty costly.

What if there was a website where you can find classes in just about anything for a low price of $20 that’s near you. Heck yea, SIGN ME UP!

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A Former Chicago Meatpacking Plant Becomes a Self-Sustaining Vertical Farm

From red to green, Chicago’s “The Plant” goes from being a meatpacking plant and slaughterhouse in the Union Stock Yards to Chicago’s first self-sustaining “vertical farm”.

The former mass meat producing brick building has been re imagined to become a green space for urban farming without waste!

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Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 11.13.17 PM

Chicago vs Chicago

The Office’s Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson) and Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) (both who are Chicagoans by the way) duke it out at the local bar over some heated Cubs Sox rivalry smack talk. Hilarious! What’s your favorite line of the commercial?

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Chicago Public Housing Comes Down. Did it Decrease Violent Crime or Just Moved It Elsewhere?

Chicago Magazine had an interesting article that explored Hanna Rosin’s fascinating and controversial article in The Atlantic“American Murder Mystery,” which claims that tearing down public housing in high poverty neighborhoods didn’t decrease cime and poverty but rather pushed it out to the outer neighborhoods and suburbs. Rosin mainly explored Memphis but Chicago Magazine makes a compelling comparison that draws many similarities with Chicago.

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Screen Shot 2012-04-08 at 2.40.48 AM

Good Things Are Coming to Chicago

Visitors to will be greeted with a surprise. But dont’ worry our magazine is still up and running at

Yup. Something Good is coming to Chicago. What could it be?

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Screen Shot 2012-04-08 at 6.47.47 PM

Slow Housing Market Forcing many Families to Stay Put in Chicago. What does this mean for CPS?

The Situation

For many families in Chicago, once their child is of age to enter school, the idea was to sell their home in Chicago and move to a better school district with safer neighborhoods and bigger homes in the burbs. But with the sluggish economy and crippled housing market, many families are not able to sell their homes. Instead they are forced to stay put in Chicago, meaning a small but growing group of middle-class families are turning to Chicago’s public and private schools. Mayor Rahm and The Chicago Public School are now faced with a new element in dealing with improving Chicago Public Schools. This can be a good thing or a more of a headache in the plans the City has to revamp their education system.

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Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 11.09.48 PM

Spring Cleaning? Donate your Unwanted Items to Charity Where it Can Go a Long Ways

The warm weather is here in Chicago meaning the annual spring cleaning rituals are kicking into full gear. This year why not do some spring cleaning with purpose? There are several ways you can ensure the items you don’t need find homes and be put to good use.

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Emanuel pledges citywide recycling in 2013

For a city that is striving to be a world renown green city, Chicago has struggled to introduce a citywide recycling program for its residence. All that will all change after Mayor Emanuel announced Friday that the city will be bringing blue cart recycling to every Chicago home that doesn’t have it yet.

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Chicago Launches One Summer to Find Summer Jobs for Chicago Youth

The City of Chicago and Cook County has joined resources together to find summer jobs for Chicago youth.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle announced One Summer Chicago on Friday. It’s a partnership between government and community groups and will provide 17,000 summer jobs and 168,000 educational and recreational opportunities.

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Chicago Zombie Survival Map

Zombie Survival Guide Chicago

The city of Chicago has become overrun with the fast spreading zombie virus. With a population of 9.8 million folks in the Chicagoland area, you’re in some big doodoo. Yup, you’ve got your 1st grade crush, your hated math teacher, the neighborhood cat lady and boss all a little undead and all glad to see you. But a big city offers lots of resources so you still have a fighting chance. Quickly stock up on supplies and get the heck out or bunker down somewhere and make a stand. But where do you go to get your water, medical supplies and food? Well there’s an app for that. Doejo has created a web app, Map of the Dead that shows what’s useful around you.

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